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Little Lil book“Her fur was so messy no one could tell if she was a boy or a girl… Her blindness made it difficult to find food and she learned to beg by dancing around on her hind legs. She lived on the streets and got food when she was lucky enough to find it. Still Little Lil stayed sweet and never let anything make her mean or angry even when surrounded by humans she didn’t know or when cars zoomed by her on the streets.”

After losing his beloved dog of 13 years, Lee Woodard had no intention of getting another pet. But then he met Lillie¬†— a blind, frightened, 8-year-old dog who had spent most of her life abused and chained up outdoors. No one played with her. No one petted or brushed her. She had never been housebroken. But against all odds, Lillie slowly learned to trust again.

Today, “Little Lil” is an affectionate, beautifully-behaved companion enjoying her forever home with Lee and his family in Manlius, NY, thanks to hard work from Helping Hounds Dog Rescue (and lots of love from Lee). She was recently named the most transformed rescue dog in Central New York, and awarded the “Golden Paw Award” from Helping Hounds.

Lillie and LeeBoth children and adults alike will enjoy this powerful tale of love, hope and transformation, embodied in a little dog named Lil.

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Donate+BoxHelping Hounds Dog Rescue is a nonprofit organization dedicated to finding forever homes for rescue dogs in Central New York. For every copy of Little Lil sold, Lee Woodard will donate $1.00 to this wonderful organization which successfully places more than 1,200 dogs into loving homes each year.

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